Good bye Patrick

My little dog Patrick died suddenly yesterday and I am so sad.

He was a great little dog and a good friend.  He was good company for me and that is important when you live alone as I do.

He was also a good influence on me to get out and get more exercise.  He loved to walk through the forests and along the beaches.  He loved to fetch his tennis balls in the back yard.

He barked like crazy when the mailman came.  That always drove me nuts and I used to scold him for it but now I miss it.  Now I find that it is a nuisance to have to go out and check to see if the mail has come.

Here is a recent picture of Patrick in his favorite “look out” spot on the sofa where he kept watch for the mailman.  (That is Ollie and Shadow behind him.)

A while back I wrote a post about him  here and there are some pictures of him here.

I have another little dog, Waldo, a Shitzu mix that I took in as a stray last summer.  Waldo is a sweetie but he is very quiet and very small, almost like another cat.  Waldo doesn’t bark or fetch and he’s not really much for the outdoors.  Also, he doesn’t look at me the way Patrick used to and he is too small to really hug.  I miss hugging Patrick so much already…

Even the cats loved to cuddle up to Patrick!  Here is a picture taken a few weeks ago of my cat Ollie snuggling up to Patrick.

You can see how woolly Patrick was.  I always let his fur grow out during the winter for warmth and then get it clipped short in the spring .  But even with it clipped short, his fur was like Velcro and it could take hours to pick all the burrs and leaves and stuff out of his coat after a hike.  It was just part of taking him out…  I would get a cup of hot tea or a glass of iced tea, depending on the season, and sit down with him and comb or cut all the scratchy little bits out of his fur.

So I am thinking about him a lot and really missing him today.  Good bye little friend.

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