How do sewing machines work?

I have been having trouble with my sewing machine recently.  It probably just needs a professional cleaning and adjustment but I may end up buying a new one.  So I have been looking around on the internet to educate myself in preparation for a possible purchase.

I have been using sewing machines for 45+ years but I never really understood how they worked inside.  I could never grasp how the top thread and the bottom thread got locked together in the bobbin.

But as part of my recent research into sewing machines I stumbled across the coolest little graphic that makes the process perfectly clear. It is so satisfying to finally understand what is going on in there!

I think this is so neat:

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  1. Audrey says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing the video about the sewing machine. Super-coolio! I had to grab my two middle daughters and show them immediately. My husband and I just found you tonight, and thanks for your Catholic Tide site. I will definitely be using your list to look around, since I am looking for Catholic leaders to connect with. Have a great night!

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