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I use Photoshop for all my graphics work and I am very happy with it.  People often ask me about a cheap or free alternative for Photoshop and I recommend Elements or GIMP.  Until recently, those three options seemed to cover all the bases.

However, now that the weather is getting nice, I want to get out of the office and enjoy our short, but very sweet, Wisconsin summer.  When I work out on the porch or in the garden I use my laptop and that works fine for everything but graphics editing.  My laptop is several years old and just doesn’t have the power to run a graphics editor.

I considered upgrading to a new, more powerful laptop but that seemed extravagant because 95% of the time the only thing I use the laptop for is as a radio.  I’ve gotten completely spoiled by online streaming radio and now that’s just about all I listen to.  My favorites are Pandora and Word of Truth Radio.  I keep my laptop next to the stereo in my living room with the speakers plugged into it and listen all day long to great commercial-free radio from the internet.  So, I would feel a little funny upgrading to a more expensive laptop, knowing that I would mainly be using it just as a radio!

I was resigned to doing my graphics work indoors until I came across this great free ONLINE graphics editor called Pixlr.   It is an online flash application so there is nothing to download.  It runs on any computer with any operating system.  All it requires is Flash.

I am so happy with it.  Now I can work outside on the porch or in the garden all day long.

Here is a video tutorial that shows off the interface and helps you get started:

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2 Responses to Cool Free Online Graphics Tool

  1. Montana says:

    Great find – couple that with Google’s office tools and you’ve got an office on the go that runs even on a netbook 🙂

  2. John Ranquist says:

    great post! I can definitely use this for my videos

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