Now I’m too busy to post!

For a while there I was just so depressed I could not post.  After my dad died I just didn’t have the heart for this at all.

My blog got corrupted and I left it all screwed up for a long time.  When I finally “fixed” it all I did was put the bare bones back up.

To add to my misery, 2 of the MLM programs I was working fell apart.  BookWise stopped operating as an MLM and everyone I knew left in disgust.  GBG was sliding ever further downhill with constantly deteriorating product formulation and erratic product delivery and I wasn’t making much money there anyway.

I was poking along with my affiliate work… just keeping my head above water…  feeling pretty bad.

Then, out of the blue…  Some new opportunities opened up and things are looking much brighter!

So… I am still not posting on my blog!   But now I have a completely new and different excuse!  Now it is because I am so happy and busy and productive and involved and totally wrapped up in something I am thrilled about!

It is soooooooooo good to be back!

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