The current pet situation

Earlier I had written about sending Waldo, the little gray Shih Tsu to live with my daughter down in Madison… That didn't work out. My daughter is very busy with school and work and being young and she just didn't have time to care for him so I brought him back up to live with me. I ended up bringing the box turtle back home too.

I had also written about getting a beagle named Doodle and that he was getting along well with the cats… That did not work out either. His cat chasing escalated into cat biting so I had to take him back to the shelter. But while I was there I spotted a cute little mutt and brought him home as a replacement.

I named him Snickerdoodle because he has a brown brindle coat and he looks just like a little cinnamon snicker-doodle cookie. He seems to be mostly rat terrier. He is a very outdoors kind of dog and he is great on the leash. He loves the beach and hiking in the woods but his favorite thing is fetching tennis balls. He has a very short coat so I don't need to spend hours picking burrs out of it every time we come back inside. He is not aggressive with the other pets and everyone seems to be getting along fine now. Finally. Knock on wood.

Here is a picture of Snickerdoodle on the beach:

Snickerdoodle on the beach

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