Wow, Have We Got Snow!

Four years ago I deliberately chose to move from the Chicago area to this small town in northern Wisconsin.  Chicago winters can be pretty harsh and I had considered moving somewhere south to enjoy a more moderate climate but I went north instead.  I love the seasons and I really do enjoy the cold and the snow…

But enough already!  This is crazy!  We already have more snow (52 inches so far!)  than we usually get all winter long.  I looked it up online and I found this article in a Madison Wisconsin newspaper about the ridiculous amount of snow that has fallen there.  And that is all the way down in Madison!  They are 200 miles south of me and not right on Lake Michigan, so you can imagine how much worse it is here…

winterhouseHere is a picture of my house taken on Christmas day.  Look at all that snow!  And we have had several more snow storms since then.

It has been one snow day after another up here…  At this rate the kids won’t get out of school until the 4th of July.

Snowmobiling is very big up here so some of my neighbors are actually thrilled with all this snow.

I think each season is appealing in its own way and I try to take time to appreciate all the sights and sounds and smells throughout the year…  But this is just too much snow, too early in the season!

I like a couple of inches of snow on the ground just to make things look pretty.  Chicago winters were becoming so warm that often during the winter you could see the ugly dead lawns and dirty streets.  I love how clean and old-fashioned our little town looks during the snowy winters.

But enough is enough!

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