Wow, Have We Got Snow!

Four years ago I deliberately chose to move from the Chicago area to this small town in northern Wisconsin.  Chicago winters can be pretty harsh and I had considered moving somewhere south to enjoy a more moderate climate but I went north instead.  I love the seasons and I really do enjoy the cold and the snow…

But enough already!  This is crazy!  We already have more snow (52 inches so far!)  than we usually get all winter long.  I looked it up online and I found this article in a Madison Wisconsin newspaper about the ridiculous amount of snow that has fallen there.  And that is all the way down in Madison!  They are 200 miles south of me and not right on Lake Michigan, so you can imagine how much worse it is here…

winterhouseHere is a picture of my house taken on Christmas day.  Look at all that snow!  And we have had several more snow storms since then.

It has been one snow day after another up here…  At this rate the kids won’t get out of school until the 4th of July.

Snowmobiling is very big up here so some of my neighbors are actually thrilled with all this snow.

I think each season is appealing in its own way and I try to take time to appreciate all the sights and sounds and smells throughout the year…  But this is just too much snow, too early in the season!

I like a couple of inches of snow on the ground just to make things look pretty.  Chicago winters were becoming so warm that often during the winter you could see the ugly dead lawns and dirty streets.  I love how clean and old-fashioned our little town looks during the snowy winters.

But enough is enough!

What is the point of this blog?

I don’t really have this blog “monetized” and I don’t post to it often enough to develop a following of loyal readers so what is the point of having it?

The reason I have this blog is to introduce myself to the people I work with and the people who are thinking about working with me.

I do network marketing over the internet.  That is kind of a paradox isn’t it?  After all, network marketing is all about working with people you know, and internet marketing is all about reaching out to people you don’t know!

I try to resolve this paradox by being as open and accessible to my internet contacts as a face-to-face marketer would be to his friends and neighbors.

So I use this blog as a easy way for my prospects and my new downline members to get to know me.

Please feel free to email me or call me or Skype me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

My Dog Patrick…

People often ask me about my dog Patrick because when we are talking on the phone they can hear him barking in the background.  Actually he is pretty quiet most of the time but he does get excited when the mailman comes or if he sees another dog in the neighborhood.

Patrick joined our family on Saint Patrick’s Day of 2000 and that is how he got his name.  He was originally my daughter’s dog but now she is away at college so Patrick stays with me.

Patrick is a cock-a-poo which means that he is half cocker spaniel and half poodle.  He is a great little dog and I love walking him through the forests and along the beaches.  The only problem is that because of his woolly coat he is a burr-magnet.   I often end up spending more time picking the burrs out of his coat than I spent walking him.

He gets along great with the 3 cats living here:  My cat is Ollie,  my son’s cat is Shadow and I inherited my father’s cat Spicy Sam.  (We also have a box turtle but my daughter took it to college with her.)  Usually Patrick and the 3 cats will spend the day sleeping together on the futon in my office, watching me while I work. They are good company.

Streaming Christmas Music

Many people have commented on the Christmas music they hear in the background when we talk on the telephone…

I am currently listening to the “Classic Christmas” station on Pandora. is a very cool streaming audio website that allows you to “make your own radio station.”   You start by entering a song or an artist and then Pandora plays songs that it thinks you will like.  Pandora’s choices are usually pretty good but you can train it by giving “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to individual songs. I usually listen to one of the stations I have created but at Christmas time I just listen to their pre-made Classic Christmas station.

Pandora recently started playing audio ads which are like mini-commercials.  (Previously they had visual ads only)  I really really hate the audio ads so I became a subscriber at $36 per year.  Thats pretty cheap considering that I listen to it all day long!

Another place I go to get great streaming Christmas music is the website of my local Christian radio station WPFF.  I listen to them quite a lot all year long and during the Christmas season they play 100% Christmas music.  The music they play is a lot more modern and less classical than the Pandora station I like but sometimes that’s nice too.

Here are some other great places to find streaming Christmas music:

FREE Streaming Christmas Music…Listen While You Work!


Now I’m too busy to post!

For a while there I was just so depressed I could not post.  After my dad died I just didn’t have the heart for this at all.

My blog got corrupted and I left it all screwed up for a long time.  When I finally “fixed” it all I did was put the bare bones back up.

To add to my misery, 2 of the MLM programs I was working fell apart.  BookWise stopped operating as an MLM and everyone I knew left in disgust.  GBG was sliding ever further downhill with constantly deteriorating product formulation and erratic product delivery and I wasn’t making much money there anyway.

I was poking along with my affiliate work… just keeping my head above water…  feeling pretty bad.

Then, out of the blue…  Some new opportunities opened up and things are looking much brighter!

So… I am still not posting on my blog!   But now I have a completely new and different excuse!  Now it is because I am so happy and busy and productive and involved and totally wrapped up in something I am thrilled about!

It is soooooooooo good to be back!

I know this blog is a mess…

I know this blog is a mess. It got corrupted about 3 months ago when my father was really sick. After he died I just couldn’t face putting it back together again.

I was stressed out and depressed and everything just seemed more complicated than I could possibly handle. I would look at all the work I was supposed to be doing and just go blank.  I honestly felt like all my blogs and web sites had been put up by someone else, someone much much smarter than me.

Also, re-doing things and fixing broken things is the kind of work I hate the most. I love building new sites and trying new things but it is pure torture for me to go back over something.

So I’ve just been putting it off and putting it off some more.

Hey, if you think this is bad, you should have seen it a few weeks ago when the corrupt version was up. All the formatting was gone and everything was displayed in a narrow column on the far right of a white page.

Another thing is that I was using this blog to promote BookWise, my favorite MLM. Well now BookWise has gone down the drain and so I have to deal with that too. Another one bites the dust…

It has been 2 months now since my dad died. I’m not really depressed anymore exactly… I don’t know what I am… I just feel all burnt out.

I am trying to bounce back but I sure don’t feel very bouncy.

So, sorry about all the non-content on this useless non-blog. I will work on it.