Woot Off Today! Who Cares?

Update: I actually ended up getting suckered in again on this Woot Off! I got my third Bag of Crap and it was crappier than I ever could have imagined!

Let me see if I can remember what was in it… A plastic snowman, an ugly canvas wine bag and a small yellow plastic car. I think that was it. Not even worth taking to St. Vincent de Paul. Never again, Woot!


Yeah big deal. There is a Woot Off today.  So what.

The previous bag of crap was announced only through Twitter, making it a total time-waster.  The bag of crap before that was total crap.

Jerk somebody else off this time Woot.  You bore me.

My Second Woot Bag of Crap!

My second Woot Bag of Crap is a real bag of crap!

I got my Woot Bag of Crap today and was pretty bummed out because (unlike my first Woot Bag of Crap) this one really was a total bag of crap.

Here is what I got:

  • 1x Woot Bandoleer of Carrots t shirt size large
  • 1x Pair of yellow usb Woot-Off Lights (scratched)
  • 1x Pelican Travel Power Pack for Nintendo DS
  • 2x Pink Lego miniDock iPod speakers
  • 1x Plastic Picnic Basket

Need I say that I have absolutely zero use for any of this stuff?

Here is a picture of my Woot Bag of Crap.  The cat is Spicy Sam.

So what I think I am going to do is give the non-Woot-related stuff to St. Vincent DePaul.

I got my Woot Bag of Crap!

I got my Woot Bag of Crap today!

It is so weird because there was really only one thing that I wanted and I actually GOT it!  I’ve been wanting a GPS navigational thing (but not enough to buy one) so that is what I was hoping for and sure enough, I got an Omnitech 4.3″ Car Navigator GPS !

Here is the list of everything I got in my Bag of Crap:

  • 1x picnic basket
  • 1x flush light
  • 1x Camp Rock clock
  • 2x High School Musical clocks
  • 1x 8GB Sansa e280 mp3 player with cable
  • 1x 4GB Sansa Fuze mp3 player with cable
  • 1x Omnitech 4.3″ Car Navigator GPS

Everything seems to work and the mp3 players are actually loaded with music!

I really don’t want the clocks or the picnic basket or the flush light so I’ll give those away either to some kids in the neighborhood or to the St.Vincent DePaul Society.    I already have a bunch of mp3 players so I’ll probably give away at least one of them too.

The funny thing is that I didn’t really understand what the Woot Off Bag of Crap was until my brother explained it to me on the day I won.  So I have my brother to thank for my good fortune.

Here is my Bag of Crap: