Brett Favre Injury Photos

Brett Farve’s injuries in the playoff game were much more serious than previously thought.  Here are the pictures that were sent by his agent to a journalist:

Brett Favre Injury Photo

Brett Favre Injury Photo

Brett Favre Injury Photo

Brett Favre Injury Photo

Click to see extra large close-ups of Favre’s thigh injury photo and Favre’s and Favre’s ankle injury photo.

These photos come from Brett Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, who shared them with Rick Cleveland of the Clarion-Ledger.

Looking at the extent of the injuries certainly gives you some insight into Favre’s fateful end-of-the-4th-quarter decision not to run the ball and go for the pass instead.

I am such a die-hard Favre fan that I can’t think clearly about him.  What I love about watching him goes beyond appreciation of his talent.  I love watching his passion for the game and watching how his enthusiasm energizes the whole team.

If he had stayed out of the game after his ankle injury he would have gone out a hero.  If he had hung onto the ball instead of passing the Vikings might have made the field goal and won the game. 

But the part of Farve that made him get back into the game and made him go for the pass is what people like me love most about him. 

In this life how many chances do we get to see pure passion expressed so openly and joyfully?

I know that posting these photos won’t even begin to silence his detractors but I am hoping that they will help his fans understand what happened at the end of the playoff game.