How to cancel a JVZOO subscription

Paypal subscriptions created through JVZOO can be very difficult to cancel if you don’t know exactly how to do it. I think that is deliberate. Obviously they want us to to keep paying as long as possible.

Most people can’t figure it out by looking at their Paypal account (I know I couldn’t) because it is separate from regular subscriptions. And it is impossible to cancel from your JVZOO account.

So what do you do? Well I did what you just did – I Googled “how to cancel a JVZOO subscription.” Most of the information I found was hard to follow or obsolete or both but I eventually figured it out.

So now I want to present a super-easy method to cancel a JVZOO subscription:

Direct link makes it brain dead easy!

  1. Log in to your Paypal account at
  2. Once you are logged in, just click on this link: