It’s not just about Pay Per Click…

There is a very cool new piece of marketing software available.  It allows you to quickly and easily spy on your competion’s advertising. But I think this software has kind of an unfortunate name: PPCWebSpy…  The problem is that many people who don’t do much PPC think that the software has nothing to offer to them.

But actually, almost any marketer can benefit from this software. If you run any kind of advertising you can benefit from being able to read your competitors’ ads.  If you build websites or blogs or use social networking you can benefit from viewing your competitors’ keywords.

PPCWebSpy is useful to anyone who is trying to sell anything anywhere!  And it is FREE!

If you want to get started with something, no matter what it is, your first step should always be to look at what successful people are already doing.

PPCWebSpy makes it easy to watch what successful marketers are doing.  It is easy to install because it is just a Firefox addon.  It is easy to use because it just adds a little button to the adwords ads (sponsored links) you see when you do a Google search.  Simply click on the little buttons and you can see the keywords and detailed info about cost and clicks, etc.  Then click on a keyword to see the ad.

There have been a number of “spy on your competition” type programs available for several years, but the rest of them are very pricey and complicated.  I’ve never seen anything this!

I always keep it turned on because I learn something new from it all the time.   It contains no spyware and when you are not working with it,  it it is completely unobtrusive.

Here is a screenshot showing the green buttons in the adwords ads, the sortable table of keyword data, and a sample of one of the actual adwords ads being run.


I give PPCWebSpy a very enthusiastic “2 Thumbs Up!”