Streaming Christmas Music

Many people have commented on the Christmas music they hear in the background when we talk on the telephone…

I am currently listening to the “Classic Christmas” station on Pandora. is a very cool streaming audio website that allows you to “make your own radio station.”   You start by entering a song or an artist and then Pandora plays songs that it thinks you will like.  Pandora’s choices are usually pretty good but you can train it by giving “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to individual songs. I usually listen to one of the stations I have created but at Christmas time I just listen to their pre-made Classic Christmas station.

Pandora recently started playing audio ads which are like mini-commercials.  (Previously they had visual ads only)  I really really hate the audio ads so I became a subscriber at $36 per year.  Thats pretty cheap considering that I listen to it all day long!

Another place I go to get great streaming Christmas music is the website of my local Christian radio station WPFF.  I listen to them quite a lot all year long and during the Christmas season they play 100% Christmas music.  The music they play is a lot more modern and less classical than the Pandora station I like but sometimes that’s nice too.

Here are some other great places to find streaming Christmas music:

FREE Streaming Christmas Music…Listen While You Work!